Chipper's Game Ball Awards

Game 12 - Cubs 10  D'Backs 3

§         Max - 4 pitches, 4 strikes and 3 outs...not a bad 1st inning.

§         Chad - RBI walk...nice eye!

§         Joey Nosek - 3 great catches in the OF

§         Matt Nosek - great heads up play to cover 1st base on a ball hit to the right side

§         Chad and Matt Nosek - great play to get the out at the plate on a running trying to steal home

Game 11 - D'Backs 6  Dodgers 7

§         Stanley - great job stealing home after the catcher over threw the pitcher

§         RJ - great hustle into 2nd base on the overthrow in the 1st inning

§         Wark - great 2 out RBI single in the 1st inning

§         Max/Nosek/Wark - great pick off play in the 2nd inning

§         Chad and Wark - great defensive plays in the 2nd inning

§         Stanley - great sac bunt

§         Ostling - great defensive plays in the 3rd inning.  Nice double play!

§         Wark/Nosek/Martin - more great defensive plays in the 4th and 5th inning to kill Dodger rallies

§         RJ - 3 for 3 on the day with 2 RBI's and 2 runs scored.  Great job!

Game 10 - D'Backs 8  Orioles 12

§         Ostling - awesome diving catch in CF in the 1st inning

§         Wark - great job fielding ground balls in the 1st and 2nd inning

§         Ostling and Nosek both had RBI hits with two outs in the 2nd inning

§         Harley - perfectly executed hit and run in the 3rd inning

§         Charlie - great 2 out RBI hit in the 3rd inning

§         Wark - great base running hustle in the 4th inning

§         Max - another great pitching performance.

§         Max/Nosek/Charlie - 34 batters face and we only walked 2.  Great job!

Game 9 - A's 15  D'Backs 4

§         RJ - great throw to Chad at 3rd to throw out a base stealer!

§         Charlie - 2 out, 2 strike RBI double

§         Great defensive plays by Schmuhl, Martin and Ostling

§         Max - RBI double in the 6th

Game 8 - Rays 12  D'Backs 5

§         Stanley - great throw to second to get the runner trying to advance to 2nd

§         Josh - great hustle down the line to leg out a base hit

§         Charlie - great heads up play to tag the runner after his fake to 2nd base

§         Chad - a lot of great defensive plays.  Nice catch!

§         Schmuhl - great defensive play at 2nd base

§         RJ - awesome RBI double in the 4th

§         Max/RJ/Nosek - great double play!  Score it 1 - 3 - 2 in the books!

§         Joey/Stanley/Nosek another 4 - 6 - 3 double play in the books!!

Game 7 - D'Backs 8  Braves 8 - Suspended Game

§         RJ - Great 2 out, 2 strike RBI single in the 1st inning

§         Nosek and Chad - great throw, catch and tag to get the running attempting to steal 3rd

§         Chad - Great two out RBI double to tie the game.

§         Max - good reaction to steal the plate on the past ball.

§         RJ - more clutch hitting with a two out RBI in the 5th

Game 6 - Reds 10  D'Backs 6

§         Stanley - with bases loaded and no outs in the 2nd innings you struck out two batters and got a ground out to get out of the inning.  Great job!

§         We had our first bunt attempt against us and we executed it perfectly.

§         Will Martin - 5th inning, two out, two strike two RBI single.  That is clutch hitting that this team has been missing.

§         Stanley/Nosek - each doubled in the 7th


Game 5 - D'Backs 5  Cubs 7

§         Stanley - great throw to Schmuhl to catch a runner stealing at 3rd in the 1st inning.

§         Nosek - great defensive play in the 3rd, fielding the ground ball in the hole and throwing out the runner at first.  Wark - nice strrrretch!

§         Max and Nosek back to back doubles to start the 4th.

§         4th inning hustle plays- RJ's hustle on the drop 3rd strike allowed Stanley to advance to 3rd.  With two outs Wark's hustle to beat out the grounder scored Stanley to put us within one.

§         Roberts - great diving grab on the grounder back to the mound to end the 4th.

§         Schmuhl - two out 5th inning double scored Davis to tie up the game.


Game 4 - Cardinals 8   D'Backs 20

§         How about this start to a game:

§         Wark - with runners on 2nd and 3rd with 1 out you strike out two batters in a row.  Great job taking control of the situation and pitching strikes!

§         RJ - great toss to Nosek to get the runner attempting to steal 3rd.

§         Miller - you are hitting the ball hard....right at the centerfielder.  Keep hitting.  They will fall.

§         Ostling-  bases loaded triple....great drive in the gap!

§         Wark - 3 walks...they call that a Buckwheat.

§         Max/Nosek/Sutter/Wark/Harley/Davis - all on base 3 or more times.

Game 3 - Yankees 5   D'Backs 11

§         Betty - great back up fielding the ground ball off off Charlie's foot.  Just like we practiced it.

§         Betty - great job tracking down the deep fly ball in the 3rd inning

§         Max - good job leading off the 3rd inning with a double

§         Betty - clutch two out hit in the 3rd to score Max and tie up the game

§         Miller/Max/Schmuhl - perfect execution of pick off move at second base in the 4th

§         Ostling - awesome heads up play in 4th to get our first double play of the year

§         Miller - on an empty tank in the 5th you buckled down to strike out the last two batters

§         Martin - great job leading off the 5th with a hit and a stolen base

§         Ostling/Nosek/Stewart - all reached base 3 out of 4 times


§         Stewart - 3 innings, 4 runs off of 7 hits, 4 K's and ZERO walks.  I said ZERO walks.  I SAID ZERO WALKS!!

§         Miller - 2 innings, ZERO runs off of 1 hit, 2 K's and 1 walk

§         Betty - 1 inning. 1 run off of 1 hit, 2 K's and 2 walks

Game 2 - D'Backs 4   Reds 6

§         Max - again in the 1st inning clutch two out hitting to score our first run

§         Wark - great throw from deep shortstop to the plate.  I don't care what that umpire called.  I think you got him.

§         Wark/Miller - great pick off move in the 3rd inning

§         Miller - clutch two out RBI in the 4th to tie up the game.

§         Nosek, M - great diving stop at 1st base in bottom of the 4th

§         Chad - awesome throw from behind the plate to second to end the 4th

§         Nosek, M - crushed the ball in the 5th inning to tie up the game


§         Stanley - 2 innings, 2 runs off 1 hit, 4 K's and 3 walks

§         Wark - 3 innings, 2 runs off 5 hits, 3 K's and 1 walk.  Great job in the 5th inning striking out the batter with the bases loaded and full count.

§         Nosek, M - 1 inning, 2 runs off 2 hits, 3 K's and no walks

Things to work on:

§         Lead offs - we have got to take better lead offs at all bases

§         Chatter - we need to support each other better.  We have the game on the line and our dugout is silent.

Game 1 - D'Backs 14   White Sox  7

§         Max – great two out RBI single in the 1st inning.  We took the lead and never looked back.

§         Wark/J. Nosek – great job leading off the 2nd inning with walks setting the table for M. Nosek’s two out base clearing triple.

§         Josh/Chad – great execution of the 1st Move first and third play in the 4th

§         Chad – monster two out base clearing double in the 7th inning to score two much needed insurance runs.

§         Wark/Ostling/Stanley – great job holding the runners on second to a short lead.  Executed just as we practiced.

§         Gold Gloves go to Max, Wark and Chad

§         Stanley – 3 innings pitched giving up 4 runs while striking out 4.

§         Nosek – 3 innings pitched giving up 2 runs while striking out 5.  Great 3rd to 1st pickoff.

§         Miller – 1 inning, 6 batters, 3 strikeouts

Things to work on:

§         Chatter – bottom of the 7th with bases runners on and I could hear a pin drop

§         Base running – base running mistakes lead to needless outs

§         Signals – we missed a lot of signals

§         Bunting – for some reason everything that we did so well in practice got thrown out the window.  Bunt execution in big games will be the difference between winning and losing.